Quality guarantee

Our production facility

«KONTI-RUS» is a successful and dynamically developing Russian confectionery company.

The company's range includes more than 250 types of products, represented in practically all categories of the confectionery market: caramels, candies, chocolate, cookies, sandwich cookies, desserts, tartlets, sponge cakes, sponge roll cakes, sponge pastries, crackers, wafers, wafer cakes, New Year's gifts for children and adult target group (audience).

Constant development of the material and technical base is carried out - reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production facilities, acquisition of new machinery and equipment.

The company takes pride in its innovative high-quality equipment, which allows it to produce confectionery products, adhere perfectly to all sanitary, hygienic, and technological standards, and guarantee the highest quality of the manufactured products.

Raw materials quality

The company's strategy in the field of safety and quality is to ensure that the produced products meet the requirements of the global community. All raw materials purchased for product manufacturing come with documents confirming their origin and safety.

ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

The food safety management system has been confirmed to comply with the requirements of FSSC 22000, including ISO 22000:2018 and ISO/TS 22002-1:2009, through the presence of international certifications.

Testing of raw materials and finished products

The laboratories for incoming control of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and packaging materials received by the enterprise; production control of semi-finished products and finished products are equipped with modern laboratory equipment for a wide range of tests. The company has its own licensed microbiological laboratory for controlling the bacteriological safety of raw materials, semi-finished products, the production environment, and finished products.

The question of product quality is no longer a trend but a factor in choosing health for most consumers today. Therefore, the demand for products with eco, farm, and halal labels has become the norm in the relationship between the manufacturer and the buyer. AO «KONTI-RUS» operates a voluntary certification system for «Halal» products. When talking about products related to the concept of «Halal», one should not limit oneself to the absence of alcoholic, tobacco products, pork, and so on. Halal is, first and foremost, about safety, cleanliness, and the health benefits of the product, the absence of harmful preservatives and additives in food products, and compliance with the requirements for shelf life and storage.


The company «KONTI-RUS» respects consumers' legal right to food safety and adheres to the position that any information pertaining to human health and safety should be open, accessible, and clear. Therefore, the company does not use GMO products in its production and informs consumers about the composition of the products it manufactures.

KONTI, as a socially responsible company, considers its duty:

  • Do not use potentially hazardous ingredients in the production of our products, including GMOs (the company regularly tests raw materials and finished products in a specialized state laboratory to ensure compliance).
  • Fully inform consumers about the composition of our products.
  • Promote public awareness about the link between GMOs and health, as well as the need for GMO labeling.

«KONTI» respects consumers' right to healthy food. Therefore, the company has made the decision to voluntarily label its products, even before the adoption of legislative norms. Since June 2008, the company's products have been labeled with the «NON-GMO»/ «GMO Free» sign, which is located on the product label alongside traditional technical information.

For Suppliers of raw materials

«KONTI» produces products from high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials, and this is a matter of special pride for the company.

We value long-standing and mutual beneficial effective relationships with suppliers, but we are also always open to new proposals. «KONTI» invites responsible companies engaged in the production and supply of quality raw materials to collaborate with us.

Internal Market Procurement Department
Packaging Procurement Department

Storage conditions

Respect for consumers lies in the impeccable quality of the products offered by the company. Since the path of confectionery products from the factory to the retail outlets in different cities and countries can be quite long, the «KONTI» company has set a goal to consistently ensure and control high quality of confectionery products at every stage of this journey to the end consumer.

Fully-automated logistics center

Russia. Area of 15.4 thousand square kilometers


Impeccable, meeting the strictest international quality standards, the quality of our products is the cornerstone of our company's success and the main condition for prosperous development. Certificates testify to the high quality of our «KONTI» confectionery products:


The main reward for the company «KONTI» is the love of its consumers. However, recognition from experts in the confectionery industry is also highly valuable and important. The company takes pride in its victories such as:

Gold medal at the international competition «Best Product-2021», exhibition «PRODEXPO», for «TIMI» candies.
Grand Prix at the international competition «Best Product-2021», exhibition «PRODEXPO», for «Zhivinka» candies.