The Konti family

Welcome to the KONTI family

Thousands of professionals create popular sweets every day, investing their knowledge, experience, sense of beauty and, of course, care for people who will enjoy KONTI-RUS products in the family circle.

To emotionally talk about the values of our brands, we invite you to meet our bright and modern KONTI Family - sincere mom and dad, fidgety twins Max and Elya, energetic student Roma and high school graduate Katya.

Let's get to know each other!

Mother and Father

A delicious breakfast is a special holiday in life.

«How I Met Your Mother» is Dad’s favorite story about how his great love with Mom began. They are different in some ways, but their lives are full of positive things. What's the secret? It's very simple - they always find time for pleasure. Mom gives tenderness and love, and dad finds a reason for romance and passion. A pleasant atmosphere and Bonjour dessert are the formula for a vibrant relationship!